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N C   I N T E R I O R S
N A T A L I E   C H I A N E S E



A collection of remodeling & renovations.




"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life."-Elsie de Wolfe

NC Interiors is a full service Interior Design Studio, based in New Jersey, specializing in Residential and Commercial Interiors. Since the start of Natalie's firm in 2014 her projects have expanded across the Tri-state area.

She is passionate about capturing your story and visually interesting spaces that reflect both functionality and a sense of relaxed luxury. Natalie offers her clients timeless, captivating spaces that translate each vision into reality, with a strong focus on comfort and the architectural details of a space. She believes it is important to understand how a space will function and what mood a space should embody. 

NC Interiors works with an extensive network of skilled contractors, fabricators, and millworkers to bring your vision to life.

"I find my inspiration in one special piece and then I build the design around it." 


Ari D.

It was a real pleasure working with Natalie, and we are thrilled with how things turned out in our living room and dining room. I loved the Homepolish experience, and I'd recommend it to friends... especially if they got to work with Natalie!

Danielle D.

When my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment, we contacted Homepolish for design help and couldn't have been happier with the experience. Our designer Natalie was incredible! She made excellent recommendations and guided us in the right direction when we couldn't make a decision. We are thrilled with the results and will definitely be using her again in the future!

Flora K.

I think I called Natalie at least a once a week. Whether it was agonizing about getting double ovens or going back and forth on the black kitchen pendants… The risks we took are my favorite elements of the home and wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have a calm voice telling me it would be okay.

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